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10 Fab Facts About Grace Jones


Born in 1948 in Jamaica, Grace Jones is the ultimate jack of all trades: She is a pioneering artist, musician, model, record producer and actress.


Even though her parents were very religious when she was growing up, she was rebellious. She would sneak off to clubs in New York in provocative outfits.


She initially found success modeling in Paris, covering Elle and Vogue, and working with photographers like Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin.


In Paris, she shared an apartment with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange. They would regularly party at Paris' most popular clubs with Karl Lagerfeld!


In 1981, after Jones had decided to pursue her music instead of modeling, she released her most popular album, "Nightclubbing."


Her music initially had disco roots but evolved to a new-wave sound and influenced bands like LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip and Gorillaz.


Her vocal range spans two and a half octaves, which helps her switch between monotone talking to hitting very high notes in her music.


Jones appeared in "Conan the Destroyer" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Bond film "A View to Remember."


She's known for her androgynous look and influenced the cross-dressing movement of the '80s. Her then-partner Jean-Paul Goude helped to shape the esthetic she would become known for.


Jones has a lifetime ban from Walt Disney World in Florida because she exposed her breasts during a live performance.

(photo credits: getty images)