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Shop for Your September Horoscope!

Dearest Virgo, you've been hard at work, toiling away—and guess what? You're finally going to reap the benefits this month. Strap on your dancing shoes because it's time to play! Happy b-day!

Aquarius, you are in prime position this September to get your financial act together—it's time! The stars are aligned to help. Why not save in a chic and artsy way with this dope Koons-inspired piggy bank?

September is the month Sagittarius will finally get the credit they deserve in their careers. Get ready for kudos galore, girls! Many cheers will be in order, so stock up on the perfect champagne coupes now. ;)

All things intellectual will be at the forefront for you RN, dear Capricorn. Whether you need them or not, why not invest in a groovy pair of specs to perfectly look the part?

Scorpio, let's have some FUN! With that word as your mantra this month, an investment in a snarky clutch is the perfect alert (and conversation piece) to anyone you come in contact with.

Libras are loving life this month—and for the next 365 days, too! It's your emerald year, a rare time where all the planets shine upon you. But, don't be lazy, hit the pavement (in some shiny shoes, of course!) to make all of your dreams come true.

For Pisces, this is a major philosophical time that has the possibility for true progress. It won't be light, but with some spiritual guidance, it could bring long-lasting mental benefits.

Brace yourself, Aries, change is on its way. To be 100 percent open to it, you need to get sorted in both mind and home. A cool organizer like this will not only be helpful, but can serve as neat décor when new people start walking into your life soon!

Romance and creativity are your astral keys this month, lucky Taurus! Purchase a flirty-yet-chic dress to rock while you brainstorm OR smooch. ;)

You've been desperate for time at home, Gemini—and you're about to get it. Get in some QT by hosting a brunch or baking cupcakes with pals.

Your phone's about to blow up with news, plans and long overdue chats, Cancer! Since you'll be using it so much, why not finally buy that sick case you've been dreaming about?

Leo— fab news—you're finally about to feel more secure in your finances. And, that comfort will be sure to spur more confidence, too. Invest in a sleek Commes des Garçons wallet that's sure to get thicker by month's end!