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Music Is a Bigger Part of My Life Than People Know

I've been really into music for as long as I can remember. Now, I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by so many musicians in my life, from Kanye to some of my best friends. Music is definitely a huge part of who I am.

My friend Taco is a DJ and we actually have the exact same taste. We have a text thread that's thousands of messages deep where we just send songs back and forth to each other. He's always on the hunt for new stuff and I like to go on Hypetrak, which updates you on everything music-related.

Pizza Boys is a DJ/friend group that I'm also part of. It's really just a bunch of us who love music and some of the members are DJs. It's always a fun time—and even though I'm not a DJ, it's still exciting to just grab the AUX cord and put on whatever song I'm loving at the moment. Right now, I can't stop playing the new Frank Ocean record!

Check out the playlist of my most recently played tracks below!

(photo credits: rex features)