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πŸ‘Š Travel 101: The Surprising Way I Fight Jet Lag πŸ‘Š

A few years ago, jet lag from traveling around the world never affected me. Everyone told me that it was because I was young. Well, I must be old now because jet lag seriously gets to me these days, lol. It's not even the lack of sleep that really bothers me, it's just the feeling of being in a constant haze. BUT, I've learned a couple of tricks that help me fight it off!

I've trained myself to be a plane sleeper (more to pass the timeβ€”I'm super impatient). I've realized recently that it actually really helps with jet lag. As long as you get your sleep, it definitely clears the brain fog. I always take Dream Water to help me fall asleep, too!

Recently, a model friend and I were on the subject and she told me that she meditates to help fight it. I was skeptical at first, but I'll try anything at this point! Kim and I did a class just the other day and I loved it. It was so peaceful and totally helped me concentrate. I've already downloaded a bunch of guided meditations for my phone and I want to find a class in each city when I travel. It could definitely be a lifesaver!

(photo credits: aKM-gsi)