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Shop for Your Sign!

Happy birthday, Libra! This past year may have been funky for you, but you're about to have one of the best 365 ever. Start it off in a dress that's as fun as your future is about to become.

Scorpio, it's time to pamper yourself. You need to prep for your birthday celebrations next month, so take time for some TLC. This overnight mask will refresh and rejuvenate your skin!

Now's the time to expand your inner-circle, dear Sagittarius. Social media will be a helpful resource in connecting to both new and old friends this month, so download an app like Allcal that will organize all your gatherings.

Don't lose sight of the prize, Capricorn! October is about focusing on long-term goals and your definition of success. You can't go wrong in a pair of smart shoes—whether you're starting a new job, trying to impress your professors or hitting the library to study.

Aquarius, exploration is the name of the game this month. Take time to be carefree and check out the places that have been on your wish list. The world is your oyster—just make sure to document it all in your journal!

Connecting with your spiritual side is a must this month, Pisces. Get some much-needed personal space and explore the metaphysical world with these prayer cards.

Aries, October is all about teamwork for you—whether that be with coworkers, friends or a romantic relationship. What better way than with a chic puzzle to work together on and have some fun?

You need to get organizing, Taurus! Life is probably feeling quite hectic lately with the mess you have going on. Your makeup drawer is a good place to start. Clean it out and rearrange it with an easy cosmetics organizer.

You do YOU this month, Gemini! You're feeling as confident as ever and need to show off your personal style and POV. A fun bag is sure to show off your personality.

Cancer, you're feeling the fall vibes and are ready to curl up inside with a good book. Read up on our first book so you're ready for the sequel next month!

It's time to open up and share, Leo. You have great ideas and they need to be heard! Think of new projects you can work on to get your voice out there—perhaps starting a podcast is your calling. You'll never know until you try!

It's been an exciting year for you, Virgo, but you're ready to settle down into a more routine way of life. An easy way to focus on that: a uniform. And, a good pair of jeans will definitely need to be in your daily rotation.