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6 Reasons Why I 💜 Photographer Patrick Demarchelier


On his 17th birthday, Demarchelier's stepfather gifted him his first Eastman Kodak camera and he began shooting friends and weddings.


He has been the premier photographer for Harper's Bazaar since 1992. His list of clients seems endless, ranging from brands like Zara and Dior to publications like Elle, Marie Claire and almost every edition of Vogue.


He credits Grace Coddington with having helped launch his career while at British Vogue.


He became the personal photographer of Princess Diana in 1989 and the two became close friends.


He made a cameo in the "Sex and the City" movie shooting Carrie's Vogue wedding dress spread.


His "muse" and favorite subject to capture is his dachshund, Puffy.

(photo credits: getty images, patrick demarchelier for allure and vogue australia)