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'KUWTK' Episode 17 Recap: 'Khloé's New Breast Friends'

Season 12 returns with the premiere event of Kanye's "Famous" video. Kim thinks the volume of reactions to Kanye's video broke the internet. Meanwhile, Scott feels lost without Kourtney and the kids around. Kourtney took the kids away on a trip, so Scott spends his time hanging around Khloé's house. He even consults on her debate of whether or not to get a boob job. But Khloé gets sick of Scott's constant badgering about her interior décor, so she suggests he get back into flipping houses.

Kim upsets Kris after she helps Caitlyn get ready for the ESPY Awards. Kim thought she was behaving neutrally, but Kris says she doesn't want neutrality—she wants loyalty from her kids. As an apology, Kim treats Kris to a day of pampering in Beverly Hills.

Caitlyn asked Kim to help her get ready for the ESPY Awards. Kim is happy to help style Caitlyn.


But Kris gets very upset that Kim helped style Caitlyn. She texts all her feelings to Khloé in hashtags. She thinks Kim was #disloyal.


Kris said her M.O. has been to keep her emotions suppressed and stay strong for her kids, but something about this incident triggered all her emotions to surface.


Kourtney tells Scott that she's taking the kids on a month-long summer vacation, and he's not invited. Scott asks where they're going.


Khloé tells Kim she's envious of her hourglass figure.