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'KUWTK' Episode 18 Recap: 'Lord Disick Returns'

Kris wants the whole family to visit MJ in San Diego for her 82nd birthday. Everyone is down to go—except Rob. Rob feels insecure about his weight and doesn't know what to wear, so he ends up flaking on his grandmother's party and disappointing his mom and sisters. Chyna still shows up, though, which makes everyone happy that she made an effort.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to revive Scott's fun and eccentric personality, Khloé and Kris resurrect Scott's alter ego, The Lord. But when he goes to an aviation show in London to buy a vintage fighter jet, they worry he's taking the dapper, extravagant persona too far.

Kim feels bad that she doesn't know how to do North's hair, so she gets a hair tutorial to learn how to work with North's natural curls.


Rob doesn't show up in San Diego for MJ's birthday.


Even though Rob doesn't go to San Diego, Chyna still made the effort to show up to MJ's birthday—and she brought a present.


Khloé and Kris feel bad that Scott is lonely and lost without the kids being around.



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