did you know?

I Got a Face Tattoo!

One more to go! This one's easy!

(Hint: It's a fluffy breakfast dish.)

I really didn't ever plan to show my newest "meow" tattoo! I got it done back in July by JonBoy in New York and I didn't plan on telling anyone. But, in an interview, I accidentally said something about it without even realizing. I guess I was just excited, lol. All my sisters knew, too, but my mom found out late and freaked out about it.

There's no real meaning behind it, I just wanted to be able to say that I have a tattoo "on my face!" I have two others also: a broken heart on one hand and a full heart on the other. I definitely want more and even though I used to say I'd only get one if it meant something to me, now I have even more possibilities!

(photo credits: @jonboytattoo)