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Your November Fashion Horoscope Is Here!

Just in time for your birthday, Scorpio, you're going to get a mega energy boost! Take advantage of it while it lasts and prioritize anything and everything that makes you feel good (like working out in cute gear 😜).

Sagittarius, right before your birthday celebrations begin is a time to reflect on the past and what you want for your future. You've leaped over some tall hurdles this year and you need to take stock of the lessons you've learned. This book is a fun alternative to basic journaling and a solid path towards self-discovery.

Let your hair down, Capricorn! Invest in a hot LBD and get partying—it won't get much more social this year for you than RIGHT NOW! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

International travel is in your stars, Aquarius! It will likely be related to work, so make sure you're looking chic in every last detail—even your luggage tags should be fab!

Step out of your comfort zone, Pisces! Whether you're traveling, enrolling in college, or working on something to be published, get moving! Some new sneaks will have you hitting the pavement in no time.

You need to be sticking up for yourself in a very adult way RN, Aries. It looks like you'll be negotiating a new salary, promotion or something career-boosting in November. Read up because this book is everything for female empowerment in the workplace!

Harmony and cooperation are the focuses for you this month, Taurus. You'll feel best when you're paying it forward and doing something kind for a fellow human. Giving a thoughtful, small present like this initial choker will give your pal and you warm fuzzies!

Good news—your career is about to skyrocket, Gemini! Everything you've been working toward will be supported by the planets this month, which means success is ahead! You should sport some loafers that say "I'm serious"—and stylish!

Cancer, those creative juices are going to be flowing! Now would be the perfect time to decide on your hobby for self-expression once and for all.

This is a groundbreaking time for you, Leo! You are about to open a completely new chapter in your life, so why not download a new motivational app to prop you up along the way?

It might be a short road trip or a long adventure, but get ready to pack your bags, Virgo! Since travel always means a chance to change your perspective on long-held beliefs, you can expect your daily routine to get shaken up (in a good way) upon your return.

It's your emerald year, Libra! Everything is smooth sailing! Get ready to circle special dates in your calendar and maybe even put some ❤️s around a few, too!