Can You Guess: A Kardashian/Jenner or Our Look-Alike?

I've always heard that every person has someone else in the world who looks like them. Well, with Instagram, it's even easier to find that person! It's actually crazy how similar some of these ladies look compared to me and my sisters. Check them out!

Daisy Gonzalez is Kourt's twin!!! I love their amazingly long, dark hair.

I've heard that Kelsey looks like me, but I think she looks more like Ky. Maybe she's a secret third Jenner sister? 😉

Kate Bogucharskaia is totally my doppelganger. She's also a model—we even cast her in the Kendall + Kylie lookbook!

People seriously can't tell the difference between Kamilla Osman and Kim! They even met. It was such a trip to look at the pictures of them together.

Gabrielle Waters looks just like Kylie doing her mirror selfies, lol.

Jelena Peric is another exact Kim look-alike!

Louisa Johnson is my blond twin! One thing we don't have in common: She can sing, lol, and actually won on "The X-Factor"!

Teedani rocks a hot bod just like Khloé does!

(photo credits: @daisylu01, @fatherkels, @foxy1kate, @gabywaters23, @j_make_up, @kamiosman, @ louisa, @princesstee1998)