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'KUWTK' Episode 19 Recap: 'Taking Control'

Kendall suffers from sleep paralysis, due to stress and anxiety from constantly traveling for work. With her packed schedule, she is nervous that she won't be able to travel, knowing that her health is at risk. Similarly, Kim is experiencing anxiety induced by driving, so Kris suggests that Kim and Kendall work together by meeting with an anxiety therapist.

Meanwhile, Scott has been spending a lot more time with Kris and her girlfriends. Kris likes this idea, since it takes Scott away from his friends, who are not always the best influences. Kim and Kourtney, however, think it is weird that Scott is attending high tea, water aerobics and Pilates with their mom.


Scott is kickin' it with the over-60 set.


Kendall's overbooked schedule is affecting her health.


Kendall is close-minded in therapy and chooses not to confront her issues.

Kim successfully gets over her anxiety by confronting her issues on the road.


Kim gets Kendall to meditate with her, which finally enables Kendall to relax and clear her mind.


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