'KUWTK’ Episode 20 Recap: 'Controversies & Legacies'

Kendall wants to use her public platform to help spread awareness about gun violence. She's nervous about potential backlash, but Kim convinces her to ignore the haters and speak up about what she's passionate about. Attending a luncheon in honor of the Everytown organization, both sisters are moved by hearing personal stories of people who've been affected by gun violence.

Meanwhile, Kris and Kim have motherhood on the brain. Kris and the girls film a legacy video with MJ, and Kim wants to have another baby but is nervous her body can't handle a third pregnancy. She meets with fertility specialists and explores surrogacy.


Kendall is impassioned to speak out against the gun epidemic.


Kim absolutely loves being a mom and the bond she has with her kids.


Kris gets emotional while interviewing MJ, so Khloé helps her ask questions, including ones about dating.