What I Love from Lex and Livia

The sequel in my and Kylie's sci-fi series recently came out and in celebration, I picked out my favorite parts of the books! Make sure to get a copy of "Time of the Twins" so you can share your favorites too. And, check out everything Lex & Livia on our official website!

I love "Time of the Twins" because it goes deep into each character's story. You learn so much more about each person!

Livia is loosely based on me. What I like most about her is her love of horses.

Chapter 12 in "Rebels: City of Indra" has a major plot twist! It's Livia's emergence ball and a ton of drama goes down.

"Strato" is slang for "great" or "impressive." It's like the cooler version of "epic."

I think the Independent High Council Building is super cool. Basically, all of Indra is controlled from there and it's the tallest building in the city!