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The 5 Fictional Places I Want to Visit

When writing our first book, "Rebels: City of Indra," Kylie and I thought a lot about what we wanted Indra to look like. In our just-released second book, "Time of the Twins," we focused on developing the the areas outside of Indra, to give the city perspective. For both Lex & Livia books, we took tons of inspiration from the books, movies and TV shows we love the most and wanted to re-create that same magic. Below are some of the make-believe worlds that inspired me and that I love so much!

Hogwarts from the "Harry Potter" series is a no-brainer. Stairs that move, secret passageways and magical creatures make for the most incredible place. I wouldn't mind going to school here, lol.

Of course I want to visit Indra from our books "Rebels: City of Indra" and "Time of the Twins"! Even though Indra isn't perfect, it still seems like a pretty cool city. I think I'd hang out on one of the floating islands.

In "Avatar," humans are colonizing the beautiful, lush moon Pandora. The Na'vi live on Pandora and are trying to protect their amazing planet from mining. The landscape is so incredible—it looks like the most amazing lit-up rainforest ever.

Atlantis is a fictional city that was once an island, but is now under the sea. A ton of stories have been told about it, but I like to think of it like the city in "The Little Mermaid." To swim around all day with all of my fish friends would be a dream.

I love "Game of Thrones"! Westeros is the continent where the whole story takes place, across the Seven Kingdoms. There are so many different cities, creatures and storylines that you could never get bored. It also has some of the most amazing settings that anyone could dream up!

(photo credits: photofest, getty images)