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'KUWTK' Episode 21 Recap: 'No Good Deeds'

Everybody is getting ready for Rob and Chyna's baby. Kim, Kourtney and Khloé feel bad that they're going to be out of town for Chyna's baby shower, so they plan their own shower for her. Rob tells Khloé and Kim that he and Chyna are fighting, so they decide to plan a party catered to him. However, at the last minute, Rob gets mad that his sisters didn't invite Chyna to the shower, so he flakes out.

Meanwhile, after Kris' car accident, she takes time off to recover. Kim steps in to cover her managerial duties and is quickly overwhelmed by trying to manage five busy schedules.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloé want to throw Rob and Chyna a baby shower.


They plan a cute, dad-themed shower but Rob doesn't show up.


Scott finds out Rob barely knows anything about taking care of a baby.


After Kris' car accident, Kim takes over her managing duties.




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