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Your January Fashion Horoscope!

You say it's your birthday—da-na-na-na-na-na—happy birthday to you, Capricorn! The stars are on your side this month, so just sit back and enjoy the festivities! How about planning a soirée with a chic piñata?

It's all about slowing down this month, Aquarius. Cuddle up (maybe plan a marathon watch of "The OA" or "Pretty Little Liars"?) with a cozy throw and let everyone else stress about goals for the new year! 😜

Pisces, the party never ends for you! January's filled with gatherings galore where you'll be giddy with old friends and new. Your hijinks might even land you on a street-style blog, so make sure you're photo-ready with these Estée products! 💃🏻

Aries, you're up for a big-girl promotion! Look the part with a smart new blazer that you'll have well into your shiny career!

Put those hiking boots on, Taurus. You're about to go on an outdoorsy adventure of a lifetime! Good thing the boots are so in RN, too. 👍

Money will be your main concern this month, Gemini. Set some time aside to get all of your finances in order and possibly even organize a monthly budget for yourself. And guess what? There's an app for that!

Cancer, January is all about investing in your network. Nurture and spoil your peeps, something big like a partnership or romance could blossom! A memorable token like a beautifully framed photo is always appreciated.

Leo, you're loving all things fitness and health RN! Fine-tune your athletic endeavors (and show off your style savvy) with a new Misfit!

Live it up, Virgo! NYE came and went, but you're still partying like a rockstar. Maybe your resolution can be to learn some new cocktail recipes? Anything will taste great in a groovy disco sipper!

Home is where the heart is, Libra. And you are fully committed to your projects this month! Even if you do just one wall, a chic wallpaper can reinvigorate an entire space.

Fabulous news: You will learn what true bliss means this month, Scorpio. Bask in it, but make lists for later, when the heavens aren't smiling upon you. This book is pure genius for good times and bad.

Time to learn how to track your moola, Sagittarius! Tax time will be upon us before you know it and you'll want to get your ducks in a row. Plus, you could see some serious spikes in your investments in the coming months! Get organized with a pretty letter file.