What Your Fave Foods Say About You

You are what you eat! Scroll down and see if your fave food matches with your personality!

If you're into burgers, you're fun-loving, down-to-earth and have classic style with an edge.

If candy's your jam, you're energetic, nice AF and a rogue.

If the first thing you reach for is fruit, you're happy-go-lucky, popular and unique.

If you scream for ice cream, you're silly, outdoorsy and kind.

If you crave pasta, you're chill, a home-body and indulgent.

If pizza's your main squeeze, you're generous, laid-back and family-oriented.

If you can't get enough leafy greens, you're conscientious, upbeat and reliable.

If sushi is the only thing to satisfy your hunger, you're adventurous, a minimalist and refined.

(photo credits: getty images, startraks)