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From My Makeup Artist: Get My Golden Globes Look!

My makeup artist, Mary Phillips, breaks down exactly how to get my look from the Golden Globes party and why she loves all the products she used on me:

I absolutely love working with Kendall! She really knows what she wants makeup-wise, in a confident yet still completely trusting and comfortable way. I mean, it doesn't hurt that she's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous either, but she really can pull anything off. She's a model, she wears the looks—it's not the other way around. As a makeup artist, you can therefore push the envelope, color-wise, even more.

For the Golden Globes after-party, we didn't get super crazy or anything. We let her natural beauty shine through, and then picked up on certain colors of the dress . We took a warm color palette and turned it up a bit, added a little more heat. We didn't want to literally imitate the dress by going with an orange lip or something like that. Things that are too matchy-matchy can read as cheesy, Chester Cheeto. Instead, we concentrated on the elements that were at play (event, her age, her beauty, time of day, dress, hair, her mood—etc.) and opted for something fresh, sexy, elegant, but still bold in its own way.

You have to be aware of everything going on when you're doing someone's makeup. It's more important to create an authentic flow—that's when really breathtaking moments happen in beauty. I love this whole look on her. It just makes me smile. That Snapchat of Kendall moving her face all around and the light she's catching ... she looks flawless, absolutely breathtaking!

After taking off the mask, I massaged the remaining serum into her skin. Do not be tempted to take it off with a tissue! There was also a lot of serum left in the packet, so I applied some to her neck and chest as well. I like to pop these into the fridge or freezer so they have a more cooling effect to the skin. The results are fabulous—just radiant, de-puffed, glowing.

I've recently gotten into face oils, and this one is quite impressive! It left her skin glowing and radiant. It's great for sensitive skin and you only need about three drops for the face, but I also applied it to her neck, décolletage, shoulders, arms, legs—anywhere skin was showing. It goes on lightly, absorbs super quickly, and ensures foundation blends light and evenly!

I remember trying this stuff out a few years ago and being shocked! I think I actually said, "WOW." Honestly, I'm super picky when it comes to foundations, and I have the bar set high. This meets my expectations.

The texture is light and silky, but it has medium-to-full coverage. It leaves skin looking like skin, but radiant, refreshed, sexy and even toned! I used about 4 or 5 different shades to achieve the final look, blended together in different areas and variations anywhere you see her skin showing, and I alternated between my hands, sponges and blush brushes to create real 3-D–looking skin, flawless enough for the red carpet.

I applied this under the eyes, around the mouth and nose, and along the jawline. It goes on smoothly, blends well and gives your skin a beautiful, youthful glow—not that she needs any help with that!

I used this concealer to give more full-coverage to the inner "hoop" of the eye, by the bridge of your nose. It's a little darker there for everyone because everyone naturally indents (since we're human beings and have eye sockets, lol), so really it's all about light reflection. It covers well, but looks like you're not wearing anything, which is key.

These colors are absolutely gorgeous! They're light enough that you can continue to apply them to get your desired shade without getting too dark on the initial application. That way, I can judge the amount of blush more accurately. This melded so well with the other blush colors. I love her cheek color for this look—love it! Just dust on lightly in the same way you used the non-powder blush.

Again, it's all about dimension to create a more natural finish and I like the contrast of this bronzer having no shimmer. I applied it towards the hairline, cheeks, nose and chin, and in half-circles from her temple and around the outer cheek for contour and depth, and then across the front and back of her shoulders and chest.

All the colors in this palette complement each other beautifully! I applied both wet and dry for a varied amount of drama while still keeping it looking like a wash of color, versus something super intense! These shades were so perfect with her dress and jewelry! The highlight shades are a light camel beige and a subtle gold highlight that add light without spotlighting a ton of shimmer. I used them for the inner corners of the eyes and under brows. That color pop on her eye in the crease is the upper RIGHT color of the palette—the contour shade. We used the pale chestnut brown as a liner for a deeper but more sheer contouring. Again, I like that they interwove the finishes together into this palette!

Always, always curl your lashes! For extra curl, heat up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer or a lighter. (Test on the back of your hand first for safety!) Before curling, lift your brow upward with your thumb so that the base of your lashes can really be exposed, and then, you can get the full advantage of the curl. Pump the curler 2 or 3 times.

This brush makes it very easy to avoid clumps and made her lashes look extra long and voluminous! The consistency is a bit liquid, which I like, but just give it a minute to dry! Apply, and really get to the base of the root, which will give you that false-lash look! I like to wiggle it at the base of the lashes; it inadvertently applies a liner without applying a literal liner. Apply sparingly to the bottom lashes with a concealer brush that you wipe onto the wand—it's a great way to add depth and a "tint" to the lash without making the bottom lashes super bold. You want the eye to lift—sort of an "Old Hollywood" makeup shape, but done in a modern way!

You want to create dimension in your brows, just as you do with the skin, eyes and lips. Think of using a few different shades in the brow area as your "brow contour." It's how you get those lush off-duty model brows—but, again, Kendall has gorgeous brows. So, lol, lucky me! Just flick the hairs on for a more natural appearance. Those weird stencil brows are not sexy, they're weird and unnatural. Plush brows with soft edges are much more subconsciously pleasing to the eye.

This lip liner is easy to apply! The formula is wonderful and it's very long-wearing. I applied very lightly, like a feather—I didn't press along her lips and drag. It worked as a great base to anchor her lip color, and helped to add an undertone of warmth and dimension. Again, nailing that invisible dimension to everything in your makeup is vital.

Love this color on her! Love! It's medium-to-sheer coverage, very build-able, but this was all about enhancing what Kendall already has: complete gorgeousness! It read warmer on her lips due to the liner, which resulted in something super beautiful! Apply all over with a lip brush for a smooth, luxe finish. Apply outside, working your way to the center of the lips. It's a very toasty pale pink and rich warm nude.

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