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All About My New Dog

A few weeks before Christmas, Kylie told me that she wanted to get me a dog. I didn't know how serious she was, so I was like, "Yay! Of course I want one!" I really wasn't thinking she was for real. So, on Christmas morning, I was totally surprised when she gave me the sweetest little girl—a white Italian greyhound I named Mew (after the Pokémon).

Obviously, I travel all the time, so I told Ky that the only way I'd be able to keep Mew is if she watched her while I was out of town. She was super excited and was like, "We need to sign a contract saying that every time you leave LA, I get to watch her." LOL!

For the first few weeks after Christmas, I swear Kylie never texted me so much. She kept saying, "I miss her,""I'm sad," "I'm really depressed,"" I love her" or just crying-face emojis. Now that it's fashion month and I'll be away, she'll get her fix!

Being a dog owner isn't easy, but I think I'm up to the challenge! And, I'm lucky Mew can play with Kylie's pups. I love it when I see her in Snaps!

(Photo credits: akm-gsi, splash news)