The 4 Things I'd Cop From Kourt

After raiding Kim's closet for Birkins and stealing Kylie's pups, I'm on to Kourtney for some must-haves.

First up on my list are Kourtney's kids! 😉 P, Mason and Reign are the cutest, and I love hanging with them. They do the funniest things. But, little kids are a handful and I may want to give them back at the end of the day, lol.

Kourt has the best collection of thigh-high boots. She looks so good in them! I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I "borrowed" a few.

Kourtney is the only sister who hasn't cut her hair short in the past few years. Long hair is def her signature look. While I love my short hair, I totally wouldn't mind having hers!

Healthy cooking is another signature of Kourtney's and I'm always surprised at how good her food tastes. I'd love to use some of her recipes (and luckily I can!) and make them half as well as she does.

(photo credits: getty images, splash news)