What I'd Steal From Khloé

After kidnapping Kourt's kids and raiding Kim's closet, I'm on to Khloé to get her goods.😉

Her organizational skills are next-level. If I could have half of her Khlo-C-D, my house would never need to be cleaned again!

I want all the cookies in all of the jars.

Khloé has these amazing Hermès dishes that are just SO chic. I'm sure she wouldn't notice if just a few happened to go missing.

Khloé's sneaker closet has every color of the rainbow! I wouldn't mind raiding the white section, lol.

I think of my Range Rover as a my "mom car," but it would be so sick if I had Khloé's velvet-wrapped version! I've never seen anyone else with one, so I'd get caught stealing it so fast, lol.

(photo credits: Getty Images, X17)