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Your April Fashion Horoscope Is Here!

Aries! You're lucky enough to have all synapses firing this month. Take your ideas seriously, as they're bound to be as genius as they seem. A chic journal always helps the cause. 😊

Coffee and tea are your besties RN, Taurus. Your energy level may feel snoozy and you'll be grappling with some internal closure issues, so keep that caffeine coming!

Your dance card is about to get very full, Gemini. Slip on a trendy new dress and soar like the social butterfly you're meant to be!

Hate to break it to you, Cancer, but you may want to gear up for a stressful month. A foot spa is just what the doctor (or shrink, lol) ordered.

Leo, it's high time to book that oft-wished-for escape. Whether it's a far-flung flight or a dreamy road trip, you'll want some specs for all of the amazing pics (and Snaps) you're about to take.

Virgo: it's all about making that money, honey! April brings good fortune for you in this department, so invest in a solid wallet to house all of your new dough!

Slow your roll, Libra! Take a beat with a hot bath and reflect on the bigger picture. For you, April is all about taking your time, so be sure to think before you act.

Scorpio, all things entrepreneurial are in your chart this month. Brush up on inspirational texts and take the bull by the horns. No more procrastinating!

Sagittarius, you normally have things SO together! Brace yourself to feel a little scattered this month. A handy key-finding device like Tile might just save your you-know-what!

All eyes are on you in April, Capricorn! Slap on some lipstick and dress to impress, sister!

There's no way you're not traveling in April, Aquarius. It could even be multiple times! This travel pillow will ensure you arrive having all of that necessary beauty sleep under your belt.

You're going to be looking very closely at your bank statement for ways to save, Pisces. A solid and simple life hack? Be your own barista with a good coffeemaker—because $3 per day adds up fast AF!