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Fashion Constellation: July Horoscopes Are Here!

Chill out, Aries! It's summer and you need to be basking in all its leisure. Read something like this buzzed-about novel, take a bath, hit the beach, om it out on the mat—whatever is going to soothe your soul.

Your social media status is about to go bonkers, Taurus. Just like anything, though, strategy will be key this month. Follow and read advice from the pros like Kim and her KIMOJI! ;)

Gemini, you need to get your act together, lol! ;) Simplify your life by getting super organized ("everything has its place" is your new mantra)—and new habits and opportunities will burrow their way into your life, lickety-split! This pretty cobalt desk stackable is a solid first step in the right direction.

HBD, Cancer! Your birth month means you have zero excuse not to pamper yourself. Be bold and try out a new print (how cute is this dress?) or a lipstick color that pops! Focus on your passions! Carpe diem!

Yes, Leo, you may normally be the life of the party, but this month, resist the urge. Rest and relaxation are your two words to live by for July. Maybe a cute PJ set like this one will help you stay strong. ;)

Put your dancing shoes on, Virgo! Let loose, be with your peeps and go out as much as you possibly can, because time's on your side in July!

Libra, your career is about to lift off! This month is your best chance of 2016 to score your dream gig. Once you land it, you'll want to stock up on chic office accessories like these artsy file folders.

Scorpio, get your travel gear together because you're going exploring. Unforgettable trips are written all over this month's chart for you, so if you don't have tix yet, start brainstorming, stat!

It's not easy advice to hear, but you must start making a real effort to save and invest your money, Sagittarius. The Acorns app will automatically take your spare change from purchases and put you on the path to tycoon.

Love and commitment are in the cards for you, Capricorn! Study up so you can be the best partner you can be!

Two words for you this month, Aquarius: time management. If you focus on how you get things done for a hot second, you'll actually start getting them done! Sticky notes and pads like this Rifle Paper Co. to-do list are your new BFFs.

Pisces, soak up a magical month and just enjoy the ride! Remind yourself to "find the fun" by rocking a cool-girl spin on the flower crown all month long!