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Memories: My First Fan Moment & Then Some!

Filming "KUWTK"

When "Keeping Up" started filming, I specifically remember running around our cottage-y style house in green jeans and a white polo shirt. I was doing my homework and the crew was filming me. I said something like: "Just leave me alone, this isn't even entertaining!" Anytime I needed to do my homework, I'd lock myself in my room and they'd let me do my thing, lol.

Fan Moment

Honestly, I can't remember my very first fan encounter. Growing up, my parents had people coming up to them—especially my dad—but my sisters experienced it, too. So, by the time I was on "KUWTK," I was already used to it. I bet the first time I was ever fully approached was with Kylie—and we were probably at the Topanga Mall or the Commons in Calabasas, just hanging out with our friends. We probably were just like, "Wait, what?" and played it cool, lol. Neither of us have gone after fame like that!

(photo credits: x17, splash news)