The Story Behind the Insta

All About That Heart Jacket Pic!

The real story behind this sweet Insta.


How To Treat Yo' Self For Valentine's Day

So WHAT if you don't go out?

The List

My Favorite Rom-Coms

Perfect for Galentine's Day!

Love, Kendall

My Advice to New Models

Our job can be overwhelming.

Snap Saturday

Social Saturday

All my Snaps and IGs in one place!

Did You Know?

All About My New Dog



Velvet Princess

Tutu cute.

The Story Behind the Insta

One of My Favorite Things to Do in NYC

I was all over NYC this night.


What I'm Listening to on the Plane RN

This playlist has been on rotation in air.


Find Your Ideal Valentine's Day Date

Take this quiz to find out what you and your boo should do!


Caption This Sleepy Snap

I want to know what you have to say!

Travel Diary

Miami Vice: My Guide to the Magic City

¡Bienvenido a Miami!

Did You Know?

My Biggest Beauty Regret

Completely. Mortifying.


Win a Signed Copy of Love Mag Shot by Me!!!

It's officially on stands today!


Under $25 Val Day Gift Guide

You don't have to spend a lot to show someone how much you care!


Under $50 Val Day Gift Guide 😍

The perfect presents for your favorite people.


Under $150 Val Day Gift Guide ❤️️

My love don't cost a thing, but a nice gift doesn't hurt! 😉

Did You Know?

My Biggest Phobia

I get freaked out just talking about it!

Fashion Constellation

Get Your February Shopping Horoscope!

Spend for your sign.