Love, Kendall

Coping With My Anxiety

It can be so scary.

Travel Diary

Where I Get Sushi Around the World

Sushi is probably my favorite type of food ever. Here's where I go to get it!


I'm Making Apple Pie Bars for Thanksgiving!

This is the perfect post-turkey treat.


What I Listen to in My Ferrari

What I blast when I drive my new Ferrari.


Watch & Shop My Outfit: 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'!

See everything from my appearance here!


Do You Think Livia's Style Vibe Is Like Mine?

This character is modeled after yours truly!


Ky, Sebastian & Me

We loved "The Little Mermaid"!


My Top 3 Weekend Trip Destinations, Go-To Radio Station & More!

It's almost the season for one of my favorite weekend trips!

Love, Kendall

A Mortifying Moment

I was in 5th grade.

Did You Know?

My Secret to Staying Drama-Free

It's pretty simple.


Ky and My New Book Is Here!

The second book in our Lex and Livia series drops today!


'KUWTK’ Episode 20 Recap: 'Controversies & Legacies'

See what went down in last night's episode.


KenLibs: Now That I'm 21...

Playing a silly fill-in-the-blank game!


Video Tutorial: My Easy Night-Out Makeup

It's my ultimate go-to and it's only a few steps!


What My Family's Birth Order Says About Us

It's crazy how true some of this is!


Social Saturday

All my Snaps and IGs in one place!

The List

My Favorite Sci-Fi Shows & Movies

Not many people know that I'm such a fan of sci-fi.


Watch: The Lex & Livia Website Is Here!

And there are tons of exclusive videos of me and Ky!


Disneyland Fam

I need to go back soon!


The Mysterious Flowers I Received

It's actually a funny story!