Peaks & Pits

2016 Was Such an Amazing Year for Me

I'm listing my highs and lows of the year.


My Latest Amazing New Discovery

And more of the latest on my life!

Fashion Constellation

Your January Fashion Horoscope!

See what's going down and how you should shop.

The Story Behind the Insta

The Story Behind My Pink Wall!

Here's the real story behind this Instagram.



Just two little babies snuggling.


A Workout Playlist to Get You in Shape This Year

This is what I'm listening to when I'm in the gym.


Where Should You Go On Vacation This Year?

Take my quiz to find out!

Love, Kendall

My Ideal Life in 10 Years

Seeing models like Cindy Crawford and Gisele live chill lives seems like exactly what I would want.

In The Mood

Why Marilyn Monroe Is My Ultimate Girl Crush

I'll let the pictures do the talking.


Social Saturday

Be sure to follow me on Snap 👻 and Insta 📷 @kendalljenner so you don't miss out!


The Best "Recovery" Recipe of All Time

It's practically a cure.


My Most Popular Throwbacks of the Year

These TBTs got the most love!


Test Your Eye: Can You Spot All the Changes?

Hint: Most of them are on me!

In The Mood

Models Being Models (AKA Partying!)

The icons. Doing what they do (second) best.


KenLibs: My Christmas Morning

This is what went down Christmas morning (sort of, lol).

In The Mood

A Vintage Christmas

Pretty holiday snaps from the past.

Animal Obsession

Christmas Puppies Forever!

The ultimate gift.


Chillin’ With Santa

I wonder what I was wishing for!

Did You Know?

The Best Present Ever

I cried serious tears of joy this day. My first horsie!