The Person I Last Tipsy Texted & More Updates on My Life!

Including the latest workout that kicked my ass and the last thing I bought on Amazon.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? My First Kiss

The story of my first kiss involves a shower scene—but it's not what you think! ;)


The Items I Cannot Travel Without

I NEED these items before I board a plane.

The List

Must-See Fashion Films

An all-access look into the world of fashion!


My Major Year in Travel, By the Numbers

Breaking down all my flights and trips from the past year.


Social Saturday: Posting From Around the World!

See all my social from the week in one place!


Did Your Caption Make It?

More memes from the amazing minds of my subscribers!

From My Phone

The Photos You'll ONLY Ever See Here

A photo album of exclusive photos I've only ever shared on my app.


Which Kardashian/Jenner Career Path Should You Follow?

Everyone in my family is killing it with their careers! Which path of theirs should you copy?


Ruby's With Rob and Koko

I have the best siblings!


WATCH! 🐴 Horseback Glam💄 At My Subscriber Event!

Watch the girls having a total blast riding the ponies at Sunset Ranch, getting glammed by Estée Lauder and eating tons of Italian at my fave spot!


Last Night, Right Before Bed I ...

I played a fun fill-in-the-blank game!


The Best Vacation I've Ever Been On

It's so hard to pick one!

Currently Kendall

Clean Out My Closet With Me!

Time to downsize! I grabbed my GoPro to show you guys how it's done.

Did You Know?

Guess What I Wish I Could Do

I could take a class?

The Story Behind the Insta

My Secret Snap of Karl

He didn't know I took this!

Travel Diary

That's Amore: Best Pizzas Ever

The best pizza around the world!

Did You Know?

Why I Partnered With

He reminds me of Kanye and Jaden Smith put together.