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3 Fashion Terms You Need to Know

Not only is Givenchy one of my favorite brands, but Riccardo Tisci, the designer, is a family friend of ours. I hear people mispronounce "Givenchy" all the time because it's not an easy word to read in English. The real pronunciation almost sounds like "she-von-she," lol.

Pro forma invoices are a small detail that can cause a major mishap. It's basically a slip of paper that accounts for all the inventory of a package being sent overseas. It outlines what's in the box, how much it's worth and where it's going. These are used for shoots and fashion shows when huge shipments are being sent. But, if they aren't marked really specifically and accurately, the packages can get held up in customs. Whole shows have been canceled and shoots have been rescheduled because of this!

Topshop is owned by Sir Philip Green under the Arcadia Group—which also owns Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins, among others. His daughter Chloe is often called the "Topshop Heiress" and has appeared on the British reality show "Made in Chelsea." In 2005, Topshop was the first high street brand to show at London Fashion Week! Their first location and flagship store opened in 1994 on Oxford Street, occupying 90,000 square feet. It's 5 stories tall. I could shop in there forever!

(photo credits: givenchy, getty images)