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5 Clever & Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so fun! I love dressing up but there's always so much pressure to come up with something new and unique. That's why my team and I came up with some super cute and clever fashion-related costumes. They're all really easy to create but are sure to make a statement!


"Athlete" plus "leisure" equals "athleisure"—one of my classic looks! Throw on your favorite jersey and then add a fun fake drink, shades and a wide-brimmed hat for the leisure part of the equation. So easy and cute!

"Forever 21"

Get it?? You died at 21 so you're "Forever 21"—like the store, lol. To make this, you need a tombstone, number decals to write the dates, a belt and velcro to attach the belt to the tombstone. Wear all black and do zombie makeup!

"Kate Moss"

To give off total Kate Moss vibes, wear a slip dress, stick a "K" and an "8" on top and attach fake moss to the bottom! For extra style points, add a blond wig and a cat-eye makeup! Chic and smart.


Let the most popular shoe of the moment inspire you by going as "mules"! Wear an easy donkey costume and pair it with some cute slides.


This one is fun—"top" plus "shop" equals "Topshop"! On a cute top, attach an arrow sticker to indicate "top." And for the skirt, grab some old shopping bags and attach them onto a mini. Done!

Keep scrolling to get the supplies you need to craft these fun and easy costumes!

(photo credits: akm-gsi)