Win My Fave Goodies from Estée Edit

**This contest has ended, but don't worry, there are more to come!

Estée Edit and I have teamed up for the ultimate easy beauty kit! Fifteen lucky winners will receive this awesome kit, which includes my favorite products for when I need to do quick and easy makeup (plus a palette signed by me!). Here's what I'm giving away (& why I'm obsessed with each one!):

My signed palette. I autographed this one!!! I love this because I created it, of course! It's also really versatile and allows you to create multiple looks in one pretty palette.

Beam Team. Since I'm going from casting to casting and show to show, I can't always wear a face full of makeup. Beam Team hydrates my skin and makes me all glowy!

Stress Relief Eye Mask. At the end of a long day, I like to wind down a bit before going back out. This stuff makes it look like I've gotten way more rest than I really have, lol.

Up & Out Mascara. A two-in-one mascara that saves time and gives mega lashes? How could I not love it?!

Flash Photo Powder. Using this ensures that I'm always ready for a photo opp.

Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack. After a long day of having makeup put on and taken off, this soothes my skin in a major way.

Mattified Lipstick in Killin' It. My favorite lipstick ever. It's a bright orangey-red that gives my lips a pop of color.

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