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The Exact Lipstick I Wore to the Met

The amazing Mary Phillips did my makeup for the Met Ball. I never like to go too heavy on the eyes—a smokey brown lid is my go-to. Originally, I wasn't going to do red lipstick, but then the latest episode of "KUWTK" aired and everyone was asking about the color (the same one I wore on "The Late Late Show with James Corden"). I thought it was a sign that I should go for a bold lip. Below, Mary breaks down the exact look from the big night.

After taking off Estée Lauder's Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask, I massaged the remaining serum into Kendall's skin and a little bit into her neck and chest. I like to pop these into the fridge or freezer so they have a cooling effect. The results are fabulous—she looks radiant, de-puffed and glowing.

Kendall wanted something super light and glowy. The texture of the Double Wear Light Stay-In-Place Makeup is silky and leaves skin looking natural, refreshed and even-toned.

It's all about dimension to create a more natural finish and I like the contrast of this shimmer-less bronzer. I applied it toward the hairline, cheeks, nose and chin, and in half-circles from her temples and around the outer cheeks for contour and depth.

I used Estée's Bronze Goddess Illumination Powder Gelée to bring her bronzer to life. I used it on her cheekbones, brow bone and the bridge of her nose.

All the colors in this palette complement each other beautifully! I applied them both wet and dry for a varied amount of drama while keeping it like a wash of color. The highlight shades are a light camel-beige and a subtle gold highlight without a ton of shimmer. I used them for the inner corners of the eyes and under her brows. That color pop on her eye crease is the upper-right color of the palette, the contour shade. We used the pale chestnut brown as a liner for deeper (but more sheer) contouring. Again, I like that they mixed the finishes together into this palette!

This brush makes it very easy to avoid clumps and made her lashes look extra long and voluminous! The consistency is a bit liquid, which I like—just give it a minute to dry! Apply, and really get to the base of the root, which will give you that false-lash look. I like to wiggle it at the base of the lashes; it inadvertently applies a liner without applying a literal liner. Apply sparingly to the bottom lashes with a concealer brush that you wipe onto the wand—it's a great way to add depth and a "tint" to the lash without making the bottom lashes super bold. You want the eye to lift—sort of an "Old Hollywood" makeup shape, but done in a modern way!

You want to create dimension in your brows, just as you do with the skin, eyes and lips. Think of using a few different shades in the brow area as your "brow contour." It's how you get those lush off-duty model brows—but, again, Kendall has gorgeous brows. So, lol, lucky me! Just flick the "hairs" on for a more natural appearance. Those stencil brows are not sexy—they're weird and unnatural. Lush brows with soft edges are much more pleasing to the eye.

Kendall knew she wanted a bright red lip today. One of her favorites is Carnal, a really creamy orange-red.

(photos courtesy of estée lauder)