fashion constellation

Look Into Your Future

Taurus, May is your month! Cultivate and nourish your passions to achieve your goals this year. Put on some good tunes, get out a journal and get inspired!

Gemini needs all the rest they can get before a big birthday coming up! It's going to be an epic party to kick off an epic era in your life. Lounge now because rest is not in your future.

Cancer, you finally have a chance to pull your head out of the books and spend time with friends. Lean on them, hang with them, cherish them.

Leo, the stars are sparkling in your house of achievement—so the workplace is your happy spot this May. Aim to impress by polishing up your wardrobe. Blazers are back in a big way!

Whether it's taking a trip or enrolling in a class—or even just exploring your own city—it's time to expand your horizons, Virgo. You'll need a cute tote for all the adventure necessities!

You don't want to be in the overdraft zone forever, Libra! Your bank account needs to grow up and you may need to admit you need some advice. This book is a good financial bible.

Your love life is heating up, Scorpio! Put on a sexy dress like this and be prepared to have to fend off romantic prospects with a stick, lol!

Sagittarius, your career is front and center (and glimmering!) in the coming months. Invest in a solid pair of power pumps that you can play hard in, too.

How does a staycation sound, Capricorn? You need one! A Postmates-and-Netflix binge is in your future, so get cozy and enjoy.

April was super icky for Aquarius, but the good news is that May will be the polar opposite. Fun surprises are in store, so you'll want to look your best. Just like the old saying says, "Slap on a little lipstick—you'll be fine."

Pisces should focus on their beauty regimens this month. Nothing drastic needs to happen, but finding shortcuts for all of that upkeep will save time for all of the important happenings that are to come in the warmer months (hint, hint!).

Aries, you need to get your schedule in check! You've been burning the candle at both ends and you don't want your health to be affected! A yearly eye check would do you good. Plus, there are so many cute specs out RN to add to your accessories arsenal!