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Me, Illustrated!

I looove fashion illustrations because they take one art form and transform it into another, creating a whole new vibe in the process. I stalk illustrators on Instagram and love to repost them, so I reached out to my faves to draw me! I am SO obsessed (and impressed!) with all of them. Some are more postmodern, drawing on photos and embellishing pre-existing shoots, while others are way more whimsical. I love all of them! Thank you, guys!

(Illustrations, in descending order: Hattie Stewart (@hattiestewart), Taylor St. Claire (@tayst), Meagan Morrison (@TravelWriteDraw), Lena Ker (@lenaker), Dallas Shaw (@dallasshaw), Ana Strumpf (@anastrumpft), Sarah Hankinson (@sarahhankinson), Bil Donavan (@bildonovan), Katie Rodgers (@paperfashion), Blair Breitenstein (@blairz))