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I'm Talking Fashion Month!

I'm actually not ready for Fashion Month at all, lol! I'm really excited, though, and I love that New York kicks off the season. It's a lot (in a good way), being there, with the huge energy. I go out all the time and I'm with friends constantly—even when I'm working.

Last NYFW, I shot with Vogue the entire time. I would be on set in the morning, walk in a show, then shoot again until one in the morning! When I have multiple shows or shoots in one day, it's hectic, but designers are prepared for it. You can go with the same hair and makeup and they'll wipe your slate clean. I like to remove my makeup myself, so I know I won't have breakouts later.

My craziest moment yet was when I shaved my legs in the car on the way to Michael Kors because I knew I was wearing a short dress. You do what you've gotta do, when you're in a time crunch. ;)

It's funny—there are so many people poking and prodding you all month that, by the time it's all over, you don't want anyone to touch you for at least a week! Soooo many updates from across the globe coming to my fave subscribers soon!

(photo credits: rex features)