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It Brit! My Posh Guide to London

I remember my first visit to London so vividly. It was a super-quick trip two years ago—of course, shooting something for someone! I landed at 10 a.m. and had the whole day to myself to sightsee. I immediately did all of the touristy things like visit the Palace and walk through the Tate. Then, straight to bed for a crazy-early call time the next day! I just get good vibes there (the people are the best part!). Plus, I've always loved the rain, so the foggy, cold weather is my heaven.

I love to hit the Soho House on Greek Street, but Sketch in the Mayfair is def my all-time favorite. The décor is so funky (the bathroom is filled with futuristic pods as stalls!) and they serve butter with smiley faces on it. The must-try of must-tries, though? Their popcorn chicken. Yeah, that's a real thing, lol.

When it comes to spending—which you knowww I love to do, haha—Portobello Road is a highlight for me. You can find the best random vintage stuff of anywhere in the world like record players, vinyl, pins, and T-shirts. I like to explore and get a little lost!

Hands down, the only place to stay for me is Claridge's. If you're not sleeping there, at least go for afternoon tea or their amazing Sisley spa. The things to pack, no matter where you end up? A solid coat, a good beanie, and for sure, some rain-resistant boots!

Whenever I get to London, it's seemed I've gotten bad news, but then spontaneous, fun things happen once I've settled. Cara always seems to be involved in that part, imagine that;) Oh, and we always seem to end up in a helicopter, too, haha!

Here's one of my favorite U.K. memories...We had all planned on going to the Glastonbury music fest to see Kanye perform. But, a couple of days before Cara said, "Oh shit, Taylor [Swift] asked me to walk in her show at Hyde Park two hours before Kanye goes on!" She realllly wanted to go to both. So, I said I'd go with her to Taylor's gig with Gigi and Joe, too. The only way to make it to Kanye was to take a helicopter.

Of COURSE, we got the times mixed up! They wouldn't let cars on the property and we were rushing. (For the record, I hate rushing, but it kinda makes it exciting!). We ended up running through Hyde Park to the helicopter with fans chasing us like crazy. We landed in the middle of a field where a Range Rover was waiting and brought us straight to Glastonbury—but Kanye's set was OVER:( When we finally reached the front pit area, I started jumping up and down and screaming "One more song, one more song!" I think he saw me! He came back out and did like three more songs. It was epic.

We ended up staying until 6 in the morning. I was in Wellies and a huge fur jacket and fell in the mud a million times! Then, we slept in a tent, like a super luxurious tent. How's that for an adventure?

(Photo credits, clockwise from top left, descending: Getty Images, Courtesy of Sketch, Getty Images, Courtesy of Soho House, Getty Images, Amazon, Courtesy of Claridge's, Getty Images)