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NYC & Me: A Guided Tour

My first visit to Manhattan was when I was a kid—really little, probably like 12—at Christmastime. I went with Kylie and my mom, dad and family friends. Randomly, our first stop was to the American Girl doll store and we were sooo excited. That place is so expensive, btw!

Now, I just always have fun in NYC! I have a lot of really good friends there and there's never a dull moment.

Carbone has the best dishesI love literally everything. The croutons on the Caesar salad are the best thing I've ever had! Serafina and Mercer Kitchen are close seconds. At Mercer, I order the pasta with meatballs and the kale salad to start. For casual, on-the-go food, I'm into Juice Generation near my apartment. They even have a juice similar to my fave at home in L.A.!

My style in New York is unintentionally darker. I wear more black and darker clothing. To get my fix, I love Jeffrey in the Meatpacking District. It was started by a former Barneys shoe buyer, so no wonder I can't live without stopping there when I go! Kind of dangerous, lol! ;)

My apartment is in Soho. Well, it's actually Kim and Kanye's apartment, haha! But, I would choose Soho, too, if I was getting my own place.

This is going to sound funny, but I've always wanted to go to the Museum of Sex. Maybe next trip. ;) Madison Square Garden (Go, Knicks!) and MoMa are always fun to visit, but I really just like to hang out with friends and run around the city. I love going to Central Park and walking around when no one is following me. Once, I was at the doctor's office, which was right above the park. I decided to roam after the appointment. No one stalked me because it was so early in the morning, and I was by myself in the rain. I just fully enjoyed the moment. I wasn't prepared for the rain, but it was so nice. It was freeing.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I use Lyft or Juno to get everywhere!

(Photo credits: Getty Images, courtesy of Carbone, Jeffrey Facebook)