Travel Diary

Guided Tour: St. Barth's

One of the most glorious places in the world.


Up In The Air

My life from takeoff to landing, by the #s!


Barcelona, By Los Números

See the breakdown of my whirlwind trip to Spain!


Skin Savvy: Travel Hacks

My skin guru, Christie Kidd, has the best tips to avoid breaking out AND staying hydrated.

From My Phone

Watch: Airport Mayhem

In a mad dash! This is what packing your bag in the car looks like. Hope I make my flight back to LA...

From My Phone

WATCH: Kylie Basically Snapped Our Entire Australia Trip

Come down under with us :)

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Just For You: My Shanghai Photo Diary

I'm in Shanghai for work and wanted share some pics with you guys!

From My Phone

WATCH: Moves In The Tube!

Getting down in London.

So Good

My Essentials For On-The-Go Style

Rock ‘n’ roll style is chic in any city.

What I Wore

Walking the (Airport) Runway

When you're headed to Paris, you get dressed up for the plane!

What I Wore

Cozied Up

This scarf is basically a blanket, and I love it.

So Good

Paris Style Essentials

Style in the City of Lights has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Love, Kendall

My Love-Hate Relationship With Traveling

At the end of the day, I really look forward to coming home all the time.

So Good

What's In My Travel Bag

I pack light— only the essentials!

So Good

London Style Essentials

Style from the city where mod was made.

So Good

New York City Style Essentials

The home of rock star style calls for black, black, and more black.

What I Wore

Into The Grey

Everything goes with a grey coat!

What I Wore

All-American Girl

Denim on denim is the ultimate travel look.